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My Range of services

My Range of services

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My Services & Rates

30 Min. Children's Massage (up to 13 yrs)$50
30 Min Neck, Back and Shoulders$60
45 Min. Ear Candling with Reiki$75
45 Min. Neck, Back & Shoulders and Indian Head.$80
45 Min. Hawaiian Hot-Stone wit Coconut Oil$90
60 Min. Foot Reflexology (includes peppermint oil)$85
60 Min Deep/Sports/Remedial (including magnesium oil)$95
60 Min. Aromatherapy/Relaxation/Therapeutic.$95
60 Min. Pregnancy Massage (on a special pregnancy massage mattress), including natural therapy oils$95
75 Min. Deep/Remedial/Therapeutic + Reflexology$105
60 Min. Hawaiian Hot-Stone with Coconut Oil $110
90.Min Treatment ( 60 Min Magnesium Massage / 30 min Detox Foot Spa) $129
90.Min Aromatherapy/Relaxation/Therapeutic $135
90.Min Deep/Sports/Remedial. (includes magnesium oil)$145
90. Min Hawaiian Hot-Stone with Coconut Oil.$160
2 Hour Full Body Massage (includes Hot Stones, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage)$175

Customer Reviews

  • I have been seeing Olivia regularly for remedial massage for almost 10 years. She could not come more highly recommended (and I recommend her to everyone I know!). Olivia is attentive and knowledgeable. She knows what to focus on and takes her time to really get in & fix everything. I always feel so taken care of during my session & like a different person afterwards.

    thumb April Kennedy

    One of my biggest recommendations for doing life right it's to book in for a massage with Olivia. She knows her stuff!!! I saw her regularly for my pregnancy massages, which made pregnancy a breeze. I had a knot in my back for years, it made me feel sick. No one could remove it till I saw Olivia for the first time, it never came back. She keeps me feeling amazing.

    thumb Sapphira Elisabeth Culleton

    Olivia is amazing at what she does with massage! I definitely recommend her to work on your muscles and sore areas to release tension. Great atmosphere and friendly team.

    thumb R K

    I'm fairly sure Olivia is magical. I get massages regularly for my back pain and this was like something on another level. I'm not a local but I'll be finding excuses to come back to my friends' in Tweed so I can see Olivia again!

    thumb Drew Thomas
  • I have been going to Olivia for well over 10 years and I can honestly say that you won’t get a better massage anywhere else on the Gold Coast. From start to finish liv knows exactly what areas to work on. I am continuously impressed by the professional and attentive care she provides each time I go. The healing centre also creates a really Great massage experience. 10/10 would recommend

    thumb Stuart Crooke

    OMG Olivia is truly one of the best Therapists i have been to. She was kind enough to fit me in, I am not a regular, am on Holidays and had injury I needed dealing with. I wish I did live here to be a regular. The Room was beautiful and lovely surroundings. She is very knowledgeable. Thankyou again for your service.

    thumb Leanne Hartman

    Olivia is amazing! Im not usually one for massages but this was a holistic approach. Will be seeing her whenever I can from now on 🙂

    thumb Tanisha Burnett

    Olivia is the best! Honestly the service from start to finish is an amazing experience. She is so knowledgeable and knows exactly how to get you feeling relaxed and back to your best. I would not hesitate, and always do recommend her to everyone. I look forward to each and every visit. Thank you Olivia

    thumb Dane and Krystal Barnsley

Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage

Allowing your muscles to free and release with trigger point techniques to allow more movement and freeness in the muscular system, supporting the body with stress and tension from build up from physical activity, reducing muscle fatigue and tension preventing injuries and supporting flexibility, Improves posture and muscular alignment. Deep tissue massage works by physically […]

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Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage

A deep soothing massage technique to allow deep peace and relaxation to the body by allowing warmth and energy from the ancient volcanic rock flowing into the muscular system, allowing deep release in the muscle tissue and improves circulation. Brings balance and restoration for the body and also helps to improve mental fatigue.

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Reflexology is massage of the feet that aims to promote wellness in other areas of the body. It is based on the principle that each part of the foot corresponds to a structure or organ. Modern reflexology is based on the principle that the foot has ‘reflex’ points that correspond to the various structures and organs […]

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Ear Candling

Ear problems of all kinds seem to run especially rampant during cold and flu season. Clogged sinuses from cold weather, dry heat from furnaces, and sniffles of all kinds going around the community can cause ear discomfort to become a chronic problem rather than the temporary, self resolving issue it should be. Use of ear […]

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The link between sugar and anxiety
Olivia | 05/04/2017 | No Comments

There is much written in relation to sugar and its impact on the body and our emotions.

There is even a book called I Quit…

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Sea Water Therapy
Olivia | 07/03/2017 | No Comments

Sea water therapy dates back to the Ancient Greeks, It has many healing and rejuvenating properties.

Swimming in the ocean is known…

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Sugar Free Me!
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Sugar is something which has many different effects on different people.

I always knew I enjoyed sweets as a child and when becoming an adult I…

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Benefits of Magnesium to the body and our muscles!
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I have been incorporating magnesium in my massage for years, it such a powerful mineral and I always love…

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Egyptian Aromatherapy Oils in Massage!
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I have been working with Egyptian Aromatherapy Oils in my massage treatments for many years.. They are so powerful and ancient…

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Sound Healing in Massage
Olivia | 29/07/2016 | No Comments

Sound is such a healing and sacred experience for people to feel and reflect upon..

I have been working with sound bowls in my massage for…

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Questions I’m asked everyday…
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Why are there so many Asian Massage businesses in your street?

How do you not feel tired by doing massage all day?

I would…

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Wellness Products

My Wellness Range is now available for purchase
Olivia | 02/12/2015 | No Comments

All are 100% natural and I also aim to stock only Australian-made products.



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