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Ear Candling

Ear problems of all kinds seem to run especially rampant during cold and flu season.

Clogged sinuses from cold weather, dry heat from furnaces, and sniffles of all kinds going around the community can cause ear discomfort to become a chronic problem rather than the temporary, self resolving issue it should be.

Use of ear candles, called ear candling or ear conning, is usually performed by using an ear candle about 10′ long which is made of cloth rolled in beeswax or paraffin.

The person to be candled then ideally lays comfortably on his/her side with the tapered end of the ear candle gently placed in the ear canal and the paper plate or tin just above the ear.

To relieve in wax build up, sinus, foggy head migraines and headaches also swimmers ear.

Included with the ear candling is Reiki Healing Energy, The treatment takes up to 45mins.