Questions I’m asked everyday…


Why are there so many Asian Massage businesses in your street?

How do you not feel tired by doing massage all day?

I would say I’ve been asked these questions over 1000 times now!

To answer the first question:

I started my massage business in the April 2004.

When I began my business there was only one other massage clinic in the street. I was the new kid on the block doing something that is always so needed in a tourist town.

I was busy from my first day at work!

I was set up in an established business which already had a 5 star reputation.

I built a client base from that time and I am still treating clients from that time now!

I believe the influx in the Asian massage industry, came in for many reasons:

Firstly the labour is cheap. A lot of workers from these companies are on minimum wage and many only pay them in cash.

Also you may notice most of these businesses only take cash for your treatment which makes it less likely they are paying the correct tax.

I seem to notice that many can offer you health fund rebates for all services and generally are using one provider number, which by our industry standards should only be used by a properly qualified therapist with a diploma.

Some of these places are using up to 10 Therapists on the one provider number.

Generally you can walk right in and have a massage straight away as they can have so many therapists on call as many are students.

I have dedicated my life to massage and helping people, its my passion joy and calling..

How do you not feel tired by doing massage all day?

I am a healer Reiki Master and work with energy in all my treatments to aid my skill.

By holding energy and life force I am able to not feel drained by clients and the heavy energy they are carrying in there muscular system.

I take a holiday regularly to recharge my batteries and take in nature daily as I’m in a dark room all day (my ‘cave’ 😉  )

I am on my 5th tour to Egypt with Atlantis Rising and I’m going there to heal renew and stay passionate about what I can do for others and the mysteries of Egypt which has a major influence on my life..

I have learnt over the years to maintain my boundaries and what I can manage in my life, as they say K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid ) applies to me and my lifestyle being a healer.

I always surround myself with positive people as much as I can, and I am a big believer you get what you want from life and you create your own reality!

Thanks for taking time to read this, I am blessed to do the work I do and the magical team I work with.

All Love to you all and I do hope you can have an experience with me soon.. xx

May the energy of love always be with you.. Peace. 🙂