Sugar Free Me!

Sugar is something which has many different effects on different people.

I always knew I enjoyed sweets as a child and when becoming an adult I enjoyed fruit juice which contains a lot of sugar, thinking I was being healthy having a glass of orange juice actually has nearly the same amount of sugar as some soft drinks! Its a bit of a shock actually.. !!

Having had a 3 month break from sugar completely in my mid twenties for a life style diet program I was using stevia ( plant bases sweetener ) to have the same effect for tea’s and coffee.

This time I have been sugar free for over 2 months now without using artificial sweeteners or honey or anything like that, I feel by using artificial sweeteners you don’t actually address the problem when you use these as a substitute as your brain still feels like its getting its “HIT”..!

I felt ready to do this as I had just returned from Egypt and had buffet style dining twice daily ! There are many desert trays and variety of sweet options! ( Baklava being my fav.. 😉 )

I was also looking to lose weight as I was struggling as I was healthy in the week and sometimes on weekends I would enjoy frozen yogurt, Sorbet or even hot chocolates ( skinny of course ) lol ! All these things have a high sugar content.

I was even on a diet which included having deserts so this did not work for me.

By going cold turkey it was challenging especially xmas day and over the festive season!! My treat was some fresh cherries which helped.

I even lost weight over that xmas week which I was over the moon about 🙂

The hardest time I get cravings is walking past cafes, ice cream shops and other food places which have the smells coming out from the venue!

I recently brought a cook book called I quit sugar by Sarah Wilson so this will be a lot of fun cooking now sugar free.

Sugar lights up the brain like a Christmas tree gives you feeling of being high like people which depend on drugs, sugar can have the same effect.

Harmful effects sugar has on the body is stress on the liver, increases bad cholesterol, sleeping problems, can even encourage you to eat more and also have tooth decay, diabetes can also be a result of a high sugar diet!

Now realising the effects it has on my body I have changed completely with what I eat and portion control.

I start my day with sugar free natural yogurt, a mixture of nuts and oats and a piece of fruit.

Lunch I mix it up between salads, soup or vegetable juice.

Dinner I have lean meat and steamed veggie and end with a piece of fruit.

By doing this I feel stronger within my need to fall into having something sweet for that feeling it gives you! Since I started this journey ( start of December 2016 ) I have lost over 10 kg’s this is also watching my carb intake.!!

I even stopped my morning late from my local barista and just have long black now with skim milk, Its the small changes that make the difference to your health and body and gives you more energy, vitality and general “well being” for life… 😀

I’m looking forward to the long term effect quitting sugar has on my health and body and less visits to the dentist will be nice!! 🙂

I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of having a break from sugar to see the results for their own body and life.

I have even heard sugar causes more wrinkles so there are many many reasons to eat less or eliminate it from your diet!

Stay tuned as I will continue to blog on my sugar free journey..!


Yours In health and Happiness,