Egyptian Aromatherapy Oils in Massage!

I have been working with Egyptian Aromatherapy Oils in my massage treatments for many years.. They are so powerful and ancient I just love anointing them on my clients, it feels very sacred and nurturing as the oils hold such an importance to the Ancient Egyptian way of life.. It is said that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to codify and study the healing benefits of essential oils and the therapeutic effects on the body.. Not only were the oils used for rituals they applied there knowledge to develop massage and reflexology as a therapeutic tool.. According to the study into Egyptian aromatherapy massage the God Nefertum could reasonably be considered the world’s first aromatherapist and the Goddess Isis is reputed to have used therapeutic massage as a cure for a number of ailments…

The reliefs on the temple walls to the day in Egypt have images of reflexology and hand massage, which can be considered the oldest form of positive recored of healing massage.

Blending the oils together is always something I enjoy as its a unique experience to each and everyone of my clients, we purchase the oils from in Cairo from an oil palace each year we are there.. (  The owner of the oil factory and knows all the healing properties and magic and intention behind the oils. )

There are SO many internal benefits to the body that these oils also provide, ie, stress relief, lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, helping strengthen the immune system, helping ease depression, reducing fatigue.. The list go’s on!!

Its a unique experience to feels these on your body and to melt into the moment you are in when you receive this treatment!

The smell of the oils are just heavenly, you can only imagine how the Ancient Egyptians would have felt when they discovered these magic blends. 🙂

I can’t wait to return again to Egypt in November to connect again with the learning and mysteries that the Ancients have left for us, With the oils being the oldest form of healing technique, its a joy to be able to use them everyday with my work!

Please feel free to book a treatment for yourself to have this ancient healing journey with me.. Peace from Atlantis Rising to you.. xx